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Qingdao Ge Ruixi Metal Protection Technology Company Limited is located in International Graphene Innovation Center
(No.826, Huadong Road, High-Tech District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China) and is specialized in manufacturing environmentally-friendly
metal surface treatment product, developing corresponding technology.


Product Center

The leading product of our company are environmental friendly new material for pretreatment of metal coating----graphene interface membrane, alkaline degreasing cleaning agent without phosphorus, derusting and pickling auxiliary, organic acid derusting agent, slow release medium, and waste acid recycling agent, etc.

Key Cases

Graphene interface membrane was released to the market in 2016, and quickly became the focus of the user for the advantages such as excellent performance, economic reliability and wide range of uses. At present, product have used by Shanxi Deshi Vehicle Components (Group) Co., Ltd. in its main coating production line officially.

Shanxi Deshi Vehicle Components (Group) Co., Ltd


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Address: No. 826-16 East China Road, Qingdao hi tech Development Zone

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